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The Victory Community Baptist Church presents: Cross Over Service from  2017 to 2018
Life Groups Meet Weekly at Convinient times and days. Contact Fellowship leaders to know where you belong.
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Pastor's Desk

Sunday 14th January, 2018

We are called to be God's children. We are called to show by our lifestyle that we belong to the kingdom of God and the church, the body of Christ in TVCBC. Therefore, in your plans for 2018, deliberately set up spiritual goals also.

  1. Plan for personal prayer and meditation time
  2.  Discipleship does not come easy. Plan to grow in your spiritual life. Consider the dimension that you lack and make a push for it this year.
  3.  Give yourself to service in God's house. Look for what you can do. This attracts God to lift you up.
  4.  Win souls. Before God, this is also where you find a wise person. Make deliberate effort to testify to Jesus at work, home and play. Just simply walk the talk of your faith in Christ.
  5.  Deliberately set time for fasting, prayer and waiting on God for yourself, family and church. Remember to pray for me also; that God will always give me His word to bring supernatural encounters in your life.

 It is my prayer that the manifestation of the goodness of God in your life this year will by exceeding measure surpass your former experiences. Jesus is Lord!!!

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About Our Mission

The TVCBC Mission

Our Mission at The Victory Community Baptist Church is "Winning Port Harcourt and the world for Christ".

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About Our Vision

The TVCBC Vision

To Raise a Functional, Victorious People for God through the Effectual Teaching of the Word of God by the Spirit's Power and Disciple Believers through the Homogenous small group structure.

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About Our Maxims

The TVCBC Maxims

Our Maxims are "every member a minister, every minister a leader, every leader a discipler."

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36, Fleming Avenue, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria