January 2020 Prophetic Declaration

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This is my Year of Foundations. God will visit my foundations and correct everything that needs to be corrected. From the first month of the year 2020 and the beginning of a new decade, I am united with the Almighty God and His grace is at work in my life. I align myself with the Almighty so that His work will be perfected in my life. I hereby make these declarations. 


JOY:This is my month and year of great joy.     I am joyful because God has brought me to this New Year and decade to experience a turnaround. My life will no longer remain the same because of what God will do. I am joyful for it.


ACCESS:Through Christ Jesus, I have access to God this year and this decade. I have access as a citizen of the kingdom. God’s provisions for my life are unlimited. Therefore, I lay hold of them to the glory of God.


NOTABLE BREAKTHROUGHS:Notable breakthroughs are my inheritance. I experience supernatural breakthroughs in every area of my life. God will confirm His word in my life with notable breakthroughs.


UNFORGETTABLE ENCOUNTERS:Throughout this month and year, I will enjoy unforgettable encounters in God’s presence. The Holy Spirit is my companion for the journey. I will enjoy Him in the course of the journey thereby producing unusual result in my life and ministry.


ADVANCE:I am advancing in grace, knowledge and wisdom. With Christ as my solid foundation, I am advancing and flourishing on all sides and in every area of my life. I am unstoppable. The power of God causes me to advance.


REVELATION:God shall reveal himself to me by his Spirit and his word. I shall experience turnaround and elevation because I am open to receive what God has freely given me in Christ.


YEILD:Heavenly Father, I yield to your will and purpose in my life. I yield to your work in my life this year 2020 and beyond. I yield to the Holy Spirit, my daily companion. I am obedient to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

I ------------------------ on this first Sunday of the 1stmonth in God’s year, 2020, make these declarations and receive them accordingly. By the power of God who gave me the authority to bind and loose on earth what he has bound and loosed in heaven, have I thus declared in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen!



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