Encountering Jesus

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Theme: Immanuel – God with Us
Topic: Encountering Jesus
Text: John 1:1-9

Main Idea: Jesus is revealed to people today through the word of God, through creation and through revelation.


•To gain more insight into the person of Jesus

•To challenge us to exercise victory over darkness through the presence of Jesus the light

•To encourage members to bear witness to the light


•Who is Jesus? Jesus himself once asked his disciples, “Who do people say I am?” Then he went on to ask them, “Who do you say I am?” This question till today still receives different answers based on personal encounter, or the lack of it.

•How do we encounter Jesus? How is he revealed to us? Our text gives us three dimensions of the revelation of Jesus Christ.

•Just as words reveal unseen thought, Jesus the Word reveals the unseen God to mankind.

I. As The Word 1-2

Jesus is revealed through the Word of God

A. The Word before Time

•The Word is Eternal.

•The Status of The Word.

B. The Word with God

•The Person of the Word.

II. As the Life 3-5

Jesus is revealed through creation as the life.

A. The Creator    v3

B. Author of Life  v4

C. Source of True Light  v5

III. As the Light 6-9

Jesus is encountered through revelation as the light.

A. Proclaiming the Light v6-8

B. Jesus the True Light   v9


The revelation of Jesus to us is progressive and unending, because we can never know him completely till we see him face to face. If, with all his revelations, the apostle Paul was still saying “that I may know him”. Our hunger to know him more and more and to make him known should never cease. The more we seek to know, the more revelation we receive.  There is no better time to seek to encounter Jesus than now. Yearn for more of the word, his more fullness of his life in you and more revelation of his light.

As you enter this New Year and decade, you will hear his word come clearly to you, you will experience more of the fullness of his life, and you will receive more of his light of revelation concerning your life in the name of Jesus.


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