October Prophetic Declaration

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This is my year of Power. This month, I will testify to the goodness of the Lord with my own mouth. I am aware of the provision God made for me in his word that he would do according to what he hears from my mouth. With the spirit of faith working in me and based on the word of God, I now make my declarations: 

O    Overcomer: I am an overcomer in Christ. The victory of the cross is also my victory over sin and all the works of the devil. As I testify of the lordship of Jesus, his blood shall avail for me. As it is written, I am more than a conqueror through Christ! 

C    Commitment: In Christ Jesus, I have an obligation to God, to my family, the church and myself. I am obligated to remain focused and energetic in the pursuit of excellence in all my undertakings. I am committed to break ne grounds and to embrace the blessings of new possibilities.  

T    Testimony: It is written; “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Based on this sure word of God, as I share what God has done for me through Jesus, other people would receive prophetic word from God to believe in Jesus and produce exceptional testimonies also. 

O    Outstanding: I shall have outstanding results. The hand of God upon me shall distinguish me from the crowd. In all the areas of life that I lay my hands to labor, from this month I shall have outstanding results! 

B    Beneficiary: I am a beneficiary of the grace of God. With ease I make great impact in life and ministry. My life is an evidence of God’s grace. His love and mercy is always multiplied in my life. I rest upon the unchanging grace of God. 

E    Empowered: I am empowered by the lord. His divine power has given me everything I need for life and godliness. I live a victorious Christian life because God has empowered me. 

R    Restoration: This is my time of restoration. It is my jubilee season when I shall recover all that seemed lost. In this month my flag of honor, glory, freedom and rest shall fly high.  

I ………………………… on this first Sunday, the 6th day of 10th month in God’s year 2019, make these declarations and receive them accordingly. By the power of God who gave me the authority to bind and loose on earth what has been bound and loosed in heaven, have I thus declared in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Amen!


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