September 2019 Declaration

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This is my year of Power. This is my month of delivery and completeness. In this month of September I receive delivery of all the promises God ordained for me. I am complete in Christ, I radiate his glory and the fruit of the Spirit finds expressions in my life.

S          Steadfast: I am steadfast and secure, holding on to the confession of my hope without wavering. For God who promised is faithful to complete every good thing He has started in my life. I give God the glory for His word I have been taught, for it is working powerfully in me and producing excellent results in all areas of my life.

E         Empowered: I am empowered by the Spirit of the Lord to finish strong and well. Things are getting better and better for me. My testimony shall bring many people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. God’s power is at work in and through me.

P          Preserved: I am preserved and divinely protected by the Lord. Though a thousand fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, their harm will not reach me. For the angels of the Lord has been assigned to protect me in all my ways.

T         Triumph: I give thanks to God for He has made me to triumph in all things. Christ lives in me and the power of God is operational in my life. Therefore I am triumphant over all the hurdles the wicked set for me.

E         Entering into my Rest: I enter into God’s rest. The fear of the “ember” months and the siege of the devil are broken over me. I engage in fruitful and productive labour and enjoy the abundance of the provision of God’s grace in my life.

M        Manifestation: This month I receive total manifestation of all the prophecies and promises of God for me. All flesh shall see it. My family, friends, neighbours and nations of the earth shall give glory to God because of the manifestations God’s blessings in my life.

B         Beauty: I am crowned with the beauty of the Lord. Every ugly, shameful and disgraceful conditions or situations shall not find expression in my life.  Heaven’s beauty is upon me; it finds expression in every thing I do. I receive beauty in the place of ashes.

E         Exceed: By the power of God at work in me, I surpass all my past achievements. I am climbing higher and higher because God has opened for me a new and effectual door of promotion, increase and breakthrough.

R         Remembrance: God has opened for me a book of remembrance. I am remembered for favour, breakthrough, miracles, divine visitation and increase by God and man, because I am the Lords delight. The Lord will cause His best to come to me.

I ………………………… on this first Sunday, the 1st day of 9th month in God’s year 2019, make these declarations and receive them accordingly. By the power of God who gave me the authority to bind and loose on earth what has been bound and loosed in heaven, have I thus declared in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Amen!


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