Disciplining Your Children

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Text: Proverbs 13:24


Main Idea:The Bible reveals the necessity of disciplining our children 



To raise children that acts like Christ in TVCBC

To raise children who are well behaved.

To reveal ways parents can discipline their children.   



God’s intention for the family is to raise godly offspring. This means children that will honour and fear Him. Raising godly children in this generation is filled with lots of challenges. Parents have to be deliberate and intentional in raising their children in the way of the Lord. Children trained this way will have the fear of God implanted in their hearts and the knowledge of the Word will keep them intact. 


Godly parents must understand that the best environment to train their children is the home. These days, some parents are nonchalant about the upbringing of their children. They shift the responsibility of their children to the classroom and the children’s church or Bible club.  Raising godly offspring is the primary responsibility of the parents.  We must not fail God and ourselves in this task. 


Our consideration for today is “Disciplining Our Children”. A necessary part of child training is discipline. The Bible admonishes us in Proverbs 22:6 to train our children. The consequence of not heeding to this admonition is enormous. Discipline helps your child to learn how to behave as well as how not to behave. It works well in an atmosphere of warm and loving relationship. The purpose of discipline is to develop and entrench desirable character/habits, foster sound judgment and morals and enable the child develop and maintain self-discipline throughout life, thereby becoming the kind of person that God intends. Let us consider some of the approaches to disciplining our children



The rod is a tool of discipline. The physical rod is referred to as cane. Discipline, which involves the use of physical cane, is a significant part of training our children. It must be used to mould the character and give shape to the life of children. Parents should not make it a habit of always beating their children with a cane. He or she may get used to it and the purpose will be defeated. You must never beat your child when you are angry or frustrated. It will lead to abuse.  

Read the following passages, what does the Bible instruct on the use of the rod?

  1. Proverbs 13:24
  2. Proverbs 22:15
  3. Proverbs 23: 13-14
  4. Proverbs 29:15

When do parents apply the rod? How do parents use the rod? Why do some parents find it difficult to flog their children? 


This is a way parents can discipline their children. Time-out involves taking your child away from interesting activities. It is a good way of teaching children about unacceptable behavior. When adequately enforced, young children understand that when they misbehave, they lose the chance to be around other people and interesting things for a short time. Time-out also gives your child the chance to think about what happened and what she might do differently next time. 



Parents can also discipline their children through withdrawal of incentives /privileges. This approach is effective for adolescents/teenagers. Parents should explain to their child what privilege would be removed when they misbehave. Parents should be careful how they apply this discipline because when you remove the privilege that doesn’t mean anything to the child, it won’t be effective. Some examples of privileges that might be appropriate to be removed:

  1. Take away your child's cell phone if he doesn't do his chores. Tell him he can earn his privileges back by doing his chores on time.
  2. Ground your child from visiting with friends if he doesn't get his homework done.  
  3. Take away a teen's video game privileges if he isn't doing his homework. Tell him he can earn his privileges every day by getting his homework done.
  4. Remove your child's TV privileges for 24 hours if he talks back and becomes disrespectful.
  5. Parents must avoid removing too many privileges at once. The essence is to make your child learn from his/her mistakes. 

How effective is this kind of discipline?



Parents must embrace the Bible as an effective tool for instructing and correcting our children. The Bible is the spiritual rod for disciplining our children. Read Hebrews 12:5-11, what does God do to his children? God corrects us as His children. We must also ensure that we correct our children. Parents should continuously teach the Bible to their children. It has the power to transform the life of the child. How can the Word of God be effectively used for disciplining our children? 

Highlight the benefits of discipline from the following passages, Proverbs 3:21; 19:18, 27; 22:6; 29:15, 17. 



Discipline should be motivated by love. Being concerned for the best of the child. Discipline is never pleasant. However, it is a vital part of our emotional, social and spiritual development, when used with proper intension helps children prosper in life. 




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