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Understanding Vain imagination/fantasy

Theme: POWER – Acts 4:33

Sub-Theme: Releasing Your Creative Power (02)

Topic: Understanding Vain imagination/fantasy

Text: 2Cor. 10:3-5


  • Imaginations are the pictures in the mind, images of things that have not yet happened.
  • Vain imaginations are mental pictures that portray useless and/or self-important dimension of your life, which are not according to the will of God
  • Fantasy is an illusory pleasant mental picture of the mind that a person would love to be involved with and be in control.
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Biblical Understanding of Imagination

Text: Eph. 3:20-21


  • Imaginations are the pictures in the mind, images of things that have not yet happened.
  • What happens in your imagination will impactthe course of your life.
  •  Imaginations can release the creative power of God in your life or can be the very thing the devil uses to control your life
  • God gives us dreams and imaginations


A. Man is made in the image of a Creative God
Genesis 1:26-28

B. Man’s Creativity Operates in two Areas

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September 2019 Declaration

This is my year of Power. This is my month of delivery and completeness. In this month of September I receive delivery of all the promises God ordained for me. I am complete in Christ, I radiate his glory and the fruit of the Spirit finds expressions in my life.

S          Steadfast: I am steadfast and secure, holding on to the confession of my hope without wavering. For God who promised is faithful to complete…

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