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Pastor's Desk

SUNDAY 13th January, 2019

2019 brings us into the challenge of reminding ourselves of who we are, the nature of our assignment and way we go about achieving the two. In a nutshell, we are re-postioning ourselves based on what we know is the call and design of God for us as TVCBC family.

Thanks to all who attended the Ministry Team /Fellowship groups Retreat at the weekend. I urge you to kindle the fire and allow it to burn until we are set ablaze by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the mission of Jesus. Pray and take over the gates of our church ministry and hand it over to the Lord, so that there will be a marked difference this year in the name of Jesus. God is with you; Amen!

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About Our Mission

The TVCBC Mission

Our Mission at The Victory Community Baptist Church is "Winning Port Harcourt and the world for Christ".

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About Our Vision

The TVCBC Vision

To Raise a Functional, Victorious People for God through the Effectual Teaching of the Word of God by the Spirit's Power and Disciple Believers through the Homogenous small group structure.

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About Our Maxims

The TVCBC Maxims

Our Maxims are "every member a minister, every minister a leader, every leader a discipler."

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